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Alfa Trade Review

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Alfa Trade is an international financial services provider that basically deals with trading the financial markets. All of its services are based online on the internet. This means that it offers the very best in online capital market trading services for the people who want to make their money without having to actually visit their broker. Majority of the clientele for Alfa Trade happens to be retail investors, but there are institutional investors involved as well. The following are the reasons that should make you choose the Alfa Trade trading platform:

1. Client Fund Security

There are many online brokerage sites that do not protect their clients’ money. Alfa Trade does not mix the company’s money with the money that is received from investors for trading. This makes it easy to follow the money trail from the time an investor puts funds into their account to the time that they will get a return on their investment.

Funds invested on the trading platform are also given an additional layer of security by the Investors compensation fund (ICF). Alfa Trade also has a trading system that ensures that clients do not end up losing more money than they had initially put in. Protection from negative balance gives clients peace of mind.

2. Tailored Trading Accounts that Offer a Lot of Flexibility

Alfa Trade has multiple trading accounts that are tailored to each individual client’s needs and preferences. The standard account gives one access to forex, CFDs, metals and also gives one basic spread limits.

The next account (the premium account) adds onto the features of the standard account by giving one premium spreads that offer a greater chance of exercising more leverage in your trades.

The last account is the VIP trading account that has VIP spreads (minimum spread is 1.7) and comes with a personal account manager. The main difference between the three accounts is the minimum deposit required for each account (from three thousand dollars for the standard account to thirty thousand dollars for the VIP account). The minimum spreads also matter a lot with the standard account offering one a minimum spread of 3 and the VIP account giving an investor a minimum spread of 1.7.

In addition to all these features, the Alfa Trade trading mirror gives retail investors the chance to copy and learn from market leaders on the site. This is a valuable tool for people who are new to capital market trading.

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