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Anyoption Review

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Anyoption is one of the world’s most prominent binary option trading environments. anyoption is a registered trademark and a platform operating since 2008 with hundreds of thousands of users from around the globe. Their website and mobile applications are fully localized in several languages, and they offer support and guidance from a team of professionals provides 24/7.

anyoption offers an advanced trading platform for binary options and other innovative derivatives. Trading with anyoption is easy to master and no experience is needed. Their products are suitable for professional traders and beginners alike.
The anyoption website is available in 10 languages and easy to navigate. The graphs are clear and up-to-date and the FAQ section is highly informative. A detailed list of all available assets, their description, expiry times, symbol and trading hours is presented in the website’s Asset Index and commissions are clearly delineated.

Binary Options

The basic idea behind binary options trading is making a prediction on whether the price of an underlying asset (e.g., stock, commodity, index, currency) will finish above or below a “strike price” (The price that an underlying assets holds at the time one commences trading), when the trade expires. As the name binary suggests there are only two possible outcomes, a prediction is correct or incorrect. When you trade you choose to place either a “call option” or “put option” – A call option predicts that an underlying asset will expire above the strike price, and a put option predicts that it will expire below.
With binary options, the return rate on an investment is fixed. Should a trade expire one dollar or two hundred dollars above or below the strike price (depending on the direction selected) the payoff will be the same; it is not proportional to the price at which the option expires.

Option Accounts

At anyoption you can choose from options on hundreds of underlying assets from leading stock exchanges around the globe, to stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs with a wide range of expiry points. Trading is available even when markets are closed, and profits can be as high as 1,000% per trade.
There are several account types available. Option+ allows you to sell at any time without waiting for an expiry time. With Binary 1-100 you can buy and sell based on predictions of whether or not specific events will take place.  Holders of the One Touch account will receive a payout once the price of the underlying asset touches, goes above or goes below the option’s strike price. On the weekends, you can reach a 380% profit with One Touch options.
anyoption is the biggest exchange for bitcoins with profits as high as 120% if the bitcoin price touches or goes beyond the target price.
Although there is an option to participate in an interactive trading demonstration which allows you to place a call or put and see the results, there is no real practice account offered at anyoption.


Customer service is provided at anyoption 24/7 and both the chat and request callback options appear on every page and is just a click away.
Deposits can be made through hundreds of financial institutions around the globe and many are listed directly on the website. U.S. residents are not eligible to open an account.
anyoption is a well -organized and user-friendly broker which focuses on educating the binary option trader and assisting him in his trading needs.